Something's gotta give

As you may have guessed from the last five post-free weeks, I'm going on hiatus from this blog. I think I'll be back to it (or something similar) someday, because I genuinely enjoy writing (and reading comments). But I have to trim down the number of obligations I'm spreading myself between, and until my daughter doesn't need constant and total attention, my dissertation is done, my house is bought and my new job is underway, the ol' Taming of the Blog is getting stored in the garage with my triathlon bike and cross-country skiis.

I have my fingers crossed that M.Bro and I find a 1900's Craftsman house that needs some work (but not major renovations), because I'm drawn to the idea of having a project-based blog instead of a whole-life-based blog. I'd like to document the process of buying and renovating our house, because it's going to be a hoot. There are 4-5 houses on the market right now that would be ideal - for raising a family in, but more importantly, for writing about on the internet.

Everyone linked here is also linked on the site M.Bro and I are writing for Josie, and I really hope you'll starting visiting us there. Josie dominates my life right now (in the best possible way), so the two blogs would be virtually identical for the next few months anyway. Except that I'd feel obligated to post more than just links to her blog here, and there's that obligation I need to trim down. So it's just Josie for now - but trust me, it's worth it.