Yes, we can! (snowblow)

The weather and the primary - these are the things that dominate my days. Well, those and the class I'm teaching and my dissertation. But between those four things (and the baby, plus trying to buy a house), these are the things that dominate my days. Also, conference papers.

The snow is the most visible of those - even more visible than M.Bro's protruding tummy. I knew we were well over the winter record (86.7" >>> 76.1" in 1978-1979), but I didn't realize how unimaginably far we were over the average Feburary 18th cumulative snowfall.

Snow-weary Madisonians are starting to crack.

When the forecast on Monday called for maybe an inch of snow but more than two inches fell in spots, Weather Central meteorologist Brian Olson started getting phone calls from irate citizens.

"People are at their wits' end," he said. "They just can't handle any more snow."

The good news this week? There is a chance for light snow on Thursday, but that's about it for snow the rest of the week.

The bad news? Look around.

"We've gotten 86.7 inches of snow so far this season," Olson said. "The normal snowfall to date is 36.2 inches, so we are 50.5 inches above normal."


Spice said...

In a sign of how extreme your weather has been, I was chatting with J.Po the other night while watching the _local_ Norfolk news broadcast when suddenly this footage of winter-weather hell came up with the caption "Madison, Wisconsin." I had to turn up the volume so I could hear the anchors' bemused commentary on the snow and ice. Hilarious! Not so much for you, but definitely for me - it was 65 here yesterday.

And dude, if the Norfolk stations are covering your weather, that's really, really bad weather.

towwas said...

Wow. I'm sure it gets annoying when it's over, like, 50 inches, but I'm still a little bit jealous.