Things which were observed by me at tonight's Obama Rally -

  • 19,000+ people in one room is a lot, and apparently there were even more in overflow rooms. Biggest Obama events so far?

  • Even Melanie was excited. "Whoah, that was so awesome," she kept repeating. She even told us she got a little teary-eyed when Obama talked about the crushing weight of student loans.

  • Line of the night, for me: "Cynicism is a sorry kind of wisdom." I'm stealing it for my own.

  • He didn't mention, or even hint at, Hillary Clinton - he's running in the general election now.

  • Rightly mentioned that the rest of you owe Wisconsin for the progressive movement. You're welcome.

  • My prediction, which I'm willing to make very public right now - Hillary Clinton won't win one more state.

  • One of the biggest cheers of the night happened when the CNN jumbotron-feed announced (after the VA results) that Obama had taken the delegate lead (including their superdelegate estimate)

  • If you have the choice between speaking before Obama and speaking after him, do yourself a favor and speak so far before him that your audience's children have forgotten what you said. Not that they were even listening, with all their mp3s and MySpaces.

  • Let's look at some pictures, OK? The last one is really something -

Update: Oh no, I was spotted by one of my students! He was next to the stage and saw us in the crowd -


J.Po said...

Holly m'golly! That's some crowd! I don't think REM could pull in those kind of numbers any more. There's something afoot in this country, and I think it's Obama.

towwas said...

Omg. How tired were M.Bro's feet? I hope you carried her home.

Kymm said...

Aw, look at how big my niece is getting! Is it time for her to be here yet? Oh, and the crowd is pretty amazing too.

Burrito Eater said...

I am glad the rule of Favre was in effect at this rally...and even more glad you documented this.