Rotary Club

One of the benefits of staying in this part of the country after we move is keeping our cell phone contract. The signal is kind of spotty, but they've been responsive when we've had problems and very helpful when our phones were stolen in Hawaii. A bigger benefit (for me personally) is finally using my contract-renewal free upgrade. I realize Razrs are old hat to teenagers across the world, but man, am I excited about this doohickey. I'll miss my old Cylon phone, with its fancy chrome and now-defunct Cingular logo (plus the slit glowed red - I assume with rage - when I missed a call) , but this matte black one is just so purty! And the features! Don't even get me started on the features! A camera! My cell phone has a camera! So I can...uh...well....have a camera in (on?) my phone!

(In keeping with this blog's recent theme - would Barack Obama approve? Obviously, yes - it's quite a change.)

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