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The Nebraska Democratic Party allowed individual counties to set their own caucus times, so we won't get official results until this evening. From the personal accounts caucus-goers have posted online though, I think we're looking at a 60-40 Obama victory!

Mister Vertigo may have gone, so I'll see if I can get him to post a Taming of the Blog exclusive.

For me, the victory isn't as sweet as the turnout. Spice sent me a link to an Omaha World Herald reporter's live-blog, which made me a little misty-eyed with pride - at Nebraska and at Obama. Here's an account of Papillion High School, where Mr. Vertigo would have gone to caucus:

The decision to have only one caucus site in all of Sarpy County appears to have been a bad one.

Reports are coming in that the caucus site in Papillion is overhwhelmed.

Thousands have turned up, when organized expected only several hundred.

They are still registering.

Traffic is backed up on Highway 370.

"All of Sarpy County is at this school and they've run out of registration forms," said Cindy Perich, of Papillion

You should read all the entries, but here are a couple of the most heart-warming comments:

It doesn't look good for Clinton at Monroe Middle School. The line to the Clinton box is empty. The line to vote for Obama is about a half block long.

At Metro in Elkhorn, "Plan B" was scrapped. An overflow room also became overran. Caucus leaders in Elkhorn are now allowing people to vote by a blue slip. At Monroe Middle School, people are now being asked to go into the parking lot.

Another Nebraskan checking in earlier this morning:

Heavily Republican Sarpy County is reporting miles of cars outside of their caucus site at Papillion LaVista South High School.

An Omaha caucus-goer's account of his site:

I was in the 9th district and Obama won 76 - 24, getting 8 of our 10 district delegates. More than 1200 there for Obama, and a bit over 300 for Clinton.

Some lady stood up in the middle of the counting and started ranting about Muslim's destroying the WTC on 9/11 and Obama being a Muslim (that blatantly false email). Anyway, she was chanted down by "No More Hate" and eventually, unceremoniously pitched out an exit.


Just in from 31 - West Omaha - heavy Republican.

Officials were expecting 100 and over 700 showed up. There were 4 overflow rooms at the Steamfitters Union Hall. 6 delegates went to Senator Obama. 3 to Senator Clinton. Amazing turnout. Amazing energy.

My mother just phoned in from Dist. 39 (Elkhorn area - VERY heavy Republican) 900 people showed up at Metro Community College - 700 for Obama, 268 for Clinton and the rest left undecided. She didn't stay for the delegate count. My aunt who is a life-long Republican switched parties to day to caucus for Obama with my mother in Dist.39. If she's switching - LOTS of people are doing the same out here.

Extremely proud to be a Nebraska Democrat today!!!!

Pardon my french (Hi Mom!), but holy shit:

"Just got back from the Caucus.

My precinct, #2, at North High School, was declared as a state of emergency. They expected 300 - 500 people to show up and instead over 1400 showed up.

They filled the high school's auditorium and the cafeteria.

Final count:

Omaba: 1378
Clinton: 26

She didn't get 15% of the vote, so all the delegates went to Obama.

So far so good in NE."

A little more:

An early count showed that 6,000 people showed up at the school to caucus, including 2,000 people who registered Saturday. About 1,500 of the new registrants had switched from other parties. "There's a hell of a lot fewer Republicans in Sarpy County than there were yesterday,'' Summers said.

A Nebraskan explaining Obama's appeal:

I grew up in rural central Nebraska and have lived in Lincoln and Omaha both, currently in Omaha. People in this part of the country have a big chip on our shoulder about how the "big-money" people on the coasts look down on us or ridicule us as ignorant hicks. I've had a lot of family and friends, many of whom are in prime Hillary demos, tell me how much they respect Obama because he seems to respect us. He doesn't talk down to us or ignore us.

There's also a very strong "no bullshit" sentiment in this part of the country. Hillary seems to be full of shit, Obama seems to be genuine.


Holy cow, kids - 68-32 for Obama! With a delegate allocation so far of 15-7!

It was easy to predict, though - Nebraska's clearly Obama's demographic, with its huuge minority population, overwhelmingly high-tech white-collar workforce, and latte-sipping wine-and-cheese set.

Was it an error, Wolf? Was it?


Kymm said...

I never said it didn't affect me, but I'm not passionate about it. Until I am, I will continue to not participate. I know you said you don't want me to go to caucas for you, but maybe I secretly like Hillary or am a Republican and you are telling me to vote for Obama because it's what you want. This is partly why I don't get involved in politics because it is always a back and forth argument that hardly ever gets resolved. Yes, people may change their minds and someone will eventually become president, but there will always be something to debate. I am confident that whoever wins will do good things for this country. I'm sure there will also be some things that people don't agree with. But, in my uninformed opinion, they all have good intentions.

Spice said...

Looks more like 70-30 Obama! In both NE and WA!