Barack Obama is on board with Howard Dean's 50 State Strategy, and campaigning in Omaha today ahead of Saturday's Democratic caucus. Do you think I'll be able to convince the two Omahans I know - my little sister and Mister Vertigo - to caucus on Saturday?

Unfortunately, they're far, far too late to hope to get into the Civic Center for today's rally!

Crowds began forming this morning at about 9:30 a.m. outside the Omaha Civic Auditorium in anticipation of the Democratic presidential hopefuls appearance.

They came wrapped in black-and-white spotted blankets, farm caps with ear flaps and long underwear.

"We want to see the man," said Joe Kinnaman, a Lincoln businessman who arrived at about 11:30 p.m. "There is a lot of excitement going on here - we haven't seen this in years."

Barak Obama is coming to woo supporters to the Nebraska Democratic Party's first-ever caucus on Saturday. His visit marks the first time in long time that a major Democratic presidential candidates actually came and asked Nebraskans for support in their nomination quest.

Nebraska's caucus is going to be just like Iowa's:

What’s at stake: Results of Nebraska’s presidential caucuses will determine how 24 of the state’s 31 votes are allocated at the Democratic national convention set for Aug. 25-28 in Denver.

Who can participate: Democrats only, although you can apply to register as a Democrat at the caucus site and participate. Democrats as young as 17 can vote if they will be 18 by Nov. 4, election day.

How it works: Supporters of presidential candidates identify their choice by gathering in their candidate’s designated area of the room. Then, votes are counted.

A candidate must receive support from at least 15 percent of the participants in a precinct caucus to remain viable.

Participants who are not in a viable candidate group must either realign with one of the other presidential candidates or abstain from further voting.

Kim & Jason, you can go to www.nebraskademocrats.org to find your caucus site! Each of you take three people! Win it for the gipper! Wait, I think Ronald Reagan is the gipper! Or maybe the gipper is a football coach!


Sophist said...

do you think he can do it???????

gah it's so close it's killing me!

Spice said...

Obama's supposed to be blitzing VA on Sunday and Monday - woo!!!!!! And we have ads!!! And I've only seen Obama ads!!!

I'm going to be so disappointed if he doesn't get the nom.

towwas said...

Ronald Reagan played a football player named George Gipp in the movie Knute Rockne, All-American. I have, in fact seen it but don't remember much about it.

J.Po said...


I want to see my 2 donations yield some good results. Tell them I skipped dinner the other day so I could donate some money to the campaign (not actually true, but works on the heartstrings).

Kymm said...

sorry j.po, not on these heartstrings.

J.Bro said...

I can't believe I raised a sister who hates democracy.

And puppies.

Oh, you know it's true.