It's a match!

I celebrated Lincoln's Birthday a little differently than I planned - I promised to be a matching donor instead of being matched. The end result - our donation has double the impact - is the same,but this way, I helped convince a first-time donor to take the plunge. There's a great little feature that lets me write my matcher a note, so I expressed my hope that our little contribution would help Bean grow up knowing Barack Obama as her president.

My donation was matched a couple hours ago, and here's the message Tracy in Nashville, TN wrote back to me:
Thanks for matching my contribution and congratulations on your first child! My mortgage is a month behind and I can't afford to go to the Dr. but I think donating to the Obama campaign is the long term answer. P.S. Goodwill is a great way to get baby clothes - usually brand new because many people get so many and babies grow so fast. I buy the ones with the original tags still on them. It's a great source of toys and books also. I think of it as being green, not being cheap or poor!


Sophist said...

I got a nice message from my "match" too - he said that "At 74 years old, this is the most excited I've been about a candidate since JFK."


J.Po said...

My god, I want to be a matcher now. That is just so touching - and makes everyone feel not so alone in their intense hope that this will all work out as we'd like. There is some crazy energy out there, and I like it.

J.Po said...

Updates from rally? Please? He's projected to take more delegates in VA so it must be exciting there! (BTW - I hate when networks announce candidates "winning" states, since it's all about the delegate count in the end.)