Wow, we're snowy! Here's how snowy, in statistics:

-13.3" since this morning
-35 mph winds
-2nd-highest one-day total in Madison history (17.3" in 1990 is the record)
-4000+ cars at a standstill on the interstate for 8 hours (and counting)
-State patrol and National Guard folks are snowmobiling through the traffic, warning people that it may not be cleared until tomorrow morning
Where will they use the potty?
-UW cancelled class after 3:30 today, only the third time since 1990 we've had a snow-day
-I hate snow
-Sheriff's office called most roads "completely impassable" early this evening
-There have been 68 days since December 1 - we've had measurable snow on 38 of them
-Cumulative snowfall for 2007-2008 is 74.3" - less than 2" below WI's all-time record for snowiest winter (76.1" in 1978-1979)
-We should break the record as soon as Saturday, according to the forecast
-I was born the previous snowiest year, Bean will be born this year - coincidence?
-Yes, almost certainly a coincidence

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Kymm said...

I thought snow in Nebraska was bad. If I didn't have to move so far away from everyone, I wouldn't hesitate to leave the snow behind.