Debate Live-blogging: Silver-haired Champion Edition

7:06 - Anderson Cooper is moderating the GOP debate tonight, and man, is it good to have a moderator that's willing to call the candidates on their bs. Halfway through the first answer to the first question, Anderson interrupted Mitt Romney to ask whether he's running for governor or president.

7:12 - I hate the audio in this giant (it seems almost....plane-sized) room. "Bananas" - heh. McCain's hitting Romney directly and sharply on endorsements and his record - that's what he's got to do, and he's doing it...OK-ly. I think the acoustics are sucking all the energy out of the room.

7:19 - The guy from Politico is wearing an ill-ill-fitting suit. It's two inches too big across the shoulders and fits like a sack through the chest. Shameful for someone who knew he was going to be on national TV. I was going to comment on solid black being a poor suit choice as well, but Huckabee's wearing a black suit too. For his funeral.

7:22 - Good for McCain for supporting California's stricter environmental standards, and doing so in a well-argued, eloquent way. Payback for Arnold's endorsement?

7:31 - Did Huckabee just suggest that building more highways is a good way to reduce emissions? I think he was arguing that more highways means fewer cars sitting in traffic, emitting without purpose. What a short-sighted solution. I hope I misunderstood him, but I don't think I did.

7:33 - I don't think it's the room that's draining energy from McCain. I think it's that he's 87 years old. How is this guy inspiring?

7:39 - God, this is lifeless and boring. I wish I hadn't told my students to watch it so I could see if something else is on.

7:48 - What currently holds the most-boring-thing-of-all-time record? I hope a ton of people are watching this.

7:50 - Hey! Commercials! "Clean" coal! That commercial I don't understand! Juno and No Country For Old Men are the only Best Picture nominees I'm interested in seeing! And I've already seen them! Not Atonement! CNN teaser - are they schmoozing during the break?! I think Huckabee was sitting on the table! I wonder if Ron Paul found anyone to chat with!

8:01 - Oh, they seem to have either brought in a new audience, sternly warned the pre-commercial audience to start cheering (threatened them with Zombie-Reagan?), or just showed them Ann Coulter nude on a big screen that we can't see.

8:06 - By 8:15, Ron Paul is going to flip over the table and stab Anderson Cooper in the neck with a pen just to get some airtime. You watch and see.

8:08 - McCain is smirking so much because he's the only one that knows Mitt Romney isn't wearing any pants.

8:10 - Ron Paul's too academic to be on stage with the rest of them. Just flip the table and storm out, Ron - you'll be an internet legend. I mean, a bigger internet legend - that video would live forever. It would be Ron Paul's Daisy Girl ad.

8:14 - Oh, HAA! McCain just used "unequivocally" twice in the same sentence! Romney butchered it ten minutes ago - "unequivocab...unequivocably, if I can get that out".

8:18 - I can stay awake for twelve more minutes! No, I can do more than stay awake - I can finish another Rolling Rock!

8:24 - Someone should teach Mitt Romney to smile non-condescendingly. Or re-program his motherboard.

8:26 - Ron Paul seems to think there's an alternative to "the government creating money out of thin air." Oh, wait - he supports a return to the gold standard, doesn't he? Nevermind.

8:28 - I just got the low-battery message, so let me see if I can predict some closing statements before I quit. Romney: "Washington? Broken." McCain: "Me? Not a terrorist." Paul: "This table? Upside-fucking-down, bitches." Romney: "I'm a governor? Lots of conservatives are secretly gay."

8:29 - I'm out.


Spice said...

I'm watching American Idol - how embarrassing! But I'm also prepping a seminar, so AI is the highest cognitive demand I can handle right now.

miss shirley said...

Reading these is so much better than actually watching! Yay for live blogging.