Setting the stage for WI's primary

I dare anyone to find a Super Tuesday rundown that's more insightful or thorough than this one.

I know it's a letdown, but I won't be able to live-blog the OBAMA V. CLINTON RUMBLE IN THE CALIFORNIA tonight - M.Bro and I have tickets to Cirque-Work's Birdhouse Factory at the Overture Center tonight. We're taking advantage of Restaurant Week to eat a very expensive meal at the Capitol Chophouse for a moderate price beforehand, so I'll get to watch the acrobats in a beef-stupor. One of the disadvantages of taking a job after my second interview was not getting taken out for dozens of expensive meals on someone else's dime.

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Sophist said...

The Clintons are so sketchy. After Bill's little untruth-fest last week, Boratgate can't be good. And even if the whole Boratgate turns out to be nothing technically wrong, you know the Clintons are going to be vague and cover-uppey acting, because that's what they always do, even when they're innocent.

But DAMN if Hillary and Bill aren't two of the smartest, most intellectually competent people I have ever witnessed. Hill's speech about what she will do to restore the role of science in government decisions was so on target, and not in the "throwing in catchphrases you guys want to hear" way. Her team really knew what they were talking about, and they laid out a bunch of HIGHLY specific, feasible plans on what to do about it. Wish Obama would throw us a speech like that.