Post-caucus thoughts

If I didn't disagree with Mike Huckabee's entire social and economic platform, I'd volunteer for his campaign. What a great speaker, and what a great weight-loser. He's truly an example to the millions of Americans struggling with their new year's resolutions.

M.Bro thinks Mitt Romney looks like a bad actor trying to play an evil character pretending to be good.

Barack Obama's daughters are adorable, all waving and wearing their nightgowns to their dad's big victory speech.

Obama-Biden - that makes a nice bumper sticker for my car.

I don't have anything to say about Hillary Clinton (but that's kind of the way I always feel about Hillary Clinton).

Other than to wonder whether her friends call her "Hill", like in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


miss shirley said...

I agree with M.Bro about Mitt Romney. That hair is all "I'm actually evil but I'm pretending to be good" hair.

J.Po said...

I didn't see Kucinich's numbers from last night. Was he in the race at all? Because if he were, he CLEARLY would have won ... by a landslide.

Burrito Eater said...

I was wondering how/if/why I should care about the caucus. This post was the first entertaining thing I've heard, thank you. I am all caucused out. I don't understand how this all works but feel like it's a rip off if somehow the folks of Iowa determine who I should vote for.