No, cauc-YOU!

Predictions for tomorrow's caucus?

I think: Obama & "Chuck"abee

M.Bro thinks: Edwards & Huckabee (And I can see it - John Edwards isn't exciting enough to be lots of people's first choice, but is too nice not to be their second choice)

I also think: Hilary Clinton losing the election is a huge win for women in politics.

Edit: CNN is playing in the background, and god, do undecided voters annoy me.


Spice said...

I'm with M.Bro, although I think Huckabee is the Howard Dean of 2008 (people are kind of enamored with him, but at some point they're going to wake up and think "What in the hell are we doing?!?!").

towwas said...

I'm going with M.Bro, because that sounds plausible to me. What do we win?

miss shirley said...

Sadly I agree with you about Hilary. I loved her village book but now she's just so darn unlikeable. It's a shame.