February 19th!!!!

OK, here's what's going to happen: Hillary Clinton is going to win New Hampshire, which means the stories about her implosion are over, which means the huuuuge primary day on February 5th is going to matter. I have my fingers crossed - and crossed super-hard - that Clinton and Obama split a bunch of states that day....which might just mean that Wisconsin's primary matters! And that I would get to meet candidates!

Edit: I love Elizabeth Edwards.

Edit: And I'm so relieved that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are back on the air to tell me what to laugh at.

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Spice said...

I hope that you're totally correct, except that it comes down to Virginia on February 12!!! You get to be a swing state in the general election - the primaries are all I've got down here in the ultra-red part of a only very marginally purple state.