Favorite Music of 2007: Wave One

Mark's Eating Out Guide means two things - (1) Taco Bell's stock value is going to increase, and (2) it's time to post about my favorite songs of last year.

Instead of a multi-stage countdown like I did last year, I'm posting my fifteen favorite songs in three waves over the next few days. The waves themselves will be numbered (i.e. this post is the bottom five of my top fifteen), but the songs themselves aren't in any particular order within the waves. Look for songs I like even more tomorrow, then on Wednesday, whoah just watch out.

Instead, you do the work - arrange them how you see fit in the comments. I've helpfully included some comments and links to either downloads, streaming audio, or youtube videos, in case you're not familiar with a song. With a few exceptions, though, I think you'll know most of these. I've lost my hipster cred by picking a bunch of songs that get airtime on the XM station I listen to.

Let's go.

Wave One:

Sunset Rubdown - The Taming of the Hands That Came Back to Life
-There wasn't a new Wolf Parade album in 2007 like I thought there would be, but this is the Wolf Parade lead singer with different musicians. It's just as warbly and freaktastic as a new Wolf Parade single, so I'm satisfied.

The White Stripes - A Martyr For My Love For You
-Overall, I thought Icky Thump was their weakest album of the last three or four, but this is a solid, solid track. I hated Rag & Bone so much that I'm keeping this in the third wave as a personal insult to Jack White.

Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You
-Here's the one that (barely) lets me keep my indie cred. Wizard of Ahhhs, Black Kids' four-song EP is only available on their myspace page. How 'bout that. You can download this song right here too.

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
-Pitchfork's #1 song of the year, so there was some hipster pressure to put it higher.

Foo Fighters - Long Road to Ruin
-Who remembers the days of blogger OleNelson. He scoffed pretty hard (as hard as an e-mail scoff can be) when Foo Fighters were nominated for eighteen Emmy awards, but he's wrong.

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