Update: On a sorta-related note, this is an exciting post. As my wife noted last night, Mitt Romney feels like the character in a movie that you roll your eyes at - "Oh, who DOESN'T realize that he's obviously the villain? C'mon!"

Update: Graham Allison - yay! ANOTHER question on nuclear terror doomsday-pocalypse - wft, Charlie?!

Update: I just e-mailed Spice to say that her boy is kicking ass so graciously. This is quite an Edwards-Obama tag-team.

Update: Three topics?! This is it? Nuclear hellfire raining down on Denver, who-is-the-changiest, and Iraq? Maybe he means before the next break, because I was hoping maybe we could hear them talk about, I dunno, the economy, education, the environment, energy, or immigration?

Update: Charlie Gibson can't put his personal politics aside - "Isn't it true that the troop surge prevented a nuclear attack on San Francisco (not that we care)?"

Update: Bill Richardson's tie needs to be snugged up a little bit. But he's handling a tough question about his days as Sec. of Energy really well despite it.

Update: Awwww - I'm not glad Al Gore didn't run!

Update: Jesus, Charlie - are you running for something? Nitpicking Obama about standing up during meals? But not asking A SINGLE REPUBLICAN how they're planning to pay for dozens of years of military presence in Iraq?

Update: Hillary's exactly right - and it's only half the story. How can Charlie Gibson suggest with a straight face that neither Bill Clinton nor George W. Bush created change?!?

Update: John Edwards' tie knot, on the other hand, is maybe the best I've ever seen - perfect dimple, symmetrical, tight. A masterstroke.

Update: Charlie Gibson has no idea how much liberal arts college professors make. And good for Clinton for cutting off his biased question.

Update: I'm not the kind of sports-watcher that complains about the refs - they have a hard job, everyone makes mistakes, and they're an easier target than admitting your team needs better fundamentals. But it's nice to see that the moderator of this debate closed it on such a tremendously asinine note.


miss shirley said...

I didn't watch the debate and yet your updates were still so exciting! I could just see you pulling the arms and legs off of a velcro Hilary and throwing them at the TV! Whew. I need some water.

J.Po said...

Totally agree on the attach re: standing up and eating. COME ON!!! At least Obama did SOMETHING about the problem.

The most notable thing about the debates for me was how tired everyone looked. Golly, running for president must be exhausting.