Today was a good day - nay, a great day

Evidence: Check out these boots I found at the Saver's two blocks from my apartment. They're not LL Bean boots - they're better, because they're Sorels and Sorel is the Canadian company that LL Bean ripped off the design from. The leather laces are aged to buttery-smoothness and the leather uppers have so much character they tell stories about chasing arctic deer across the tundra. Now they're going to live with me in Wisconsin for a while.


grrrbear said...

Wow! Those boots take me back to my days as a youth in MN, romping around outside in my (probably) LL Bean ripoffs. I mean, as a kid who had known nothing but moon boots all my life, the discovery that there are boots out there that are *waterproof* was awesome! I got a pair and immediately wantered into the local creek, where I enjoyed about three minutes of waterproofness before I went in too deep and the water flowed in over the boot tops.

I am so jealous of you right now.

dra-sh said...

while in NYC this weekend, I saw someone donning the boots! i wouldn't have known they were hip & trendy if not for you, j.bro. so thanks for keeping me up on the trends.