Reject me all day, I don't mind

I just received the warmest rejection letter (from a pool of many) from a department that I won't name, other than to say that maybe the mountain views mellow everyone there out. Mine is one of 100+ they're sending, but I feel so special after reading it.

"Dear J.Bro:

I'm writing to let you know that we've extended an offer in our search for a faculty position in International Relations. We received many strong applications and our decision was quite difficult at every step of the process. Unfortunately, we were not able to include you in our list of finalists.

I know it's a difficult year on the job market. I hope you can appreciate that the department was impressed by many of the applications. Having received more than a few such letters over my career, I take no pleasure in sending so many out.

I wish you the best in your pursuit of a tenure-track position. Our review of these applications has reminded me how vital and deep the scholarly study of politics is in this country. Frankly, I'm inspired, and I wish you the best in your job search.


Chair and Rejector Extraordinaire"

As most of you know by now, though, I've already accepted a fantastic position at another university - at least as good as the one I would have drawn up for myself if given a blank slate. No only is it a great school, but we'll still be in the midwest, so my daughter will get to moan about heat-haze in the summer and pull on my beardsicles in the winter. I haven't decided how much to write about the new position (which is why I'm being intentionally vague here), but I'll say this for now - this would be an amazing house for $300K (but even better for $140K).


I Blog, You Blog said...

You need to apply to be on the HGTV (or is it DIY?) show "Our First House"! You guys would not only get quick fame...but they totally surprise you by doing a room up for you at the end (helloooo nursery!).

Do eeeet!

J.Bro said...

I excitedly looked into this TV show (that I've never heard of), only to find out that we'd have to buy a house in Phoenix to have a shot at being on.

(I'm working at an iMac in the library, and I can't figure out how to cut and paste. Why doesn't this mouse have two buttons? This is stupid)

I Blog, You Blog said...

...and I suppose Phoenix isn't *technically* in the Midwest, is it?


(and of the first things I did was dump the ridiculous cyclops mouse for a proper two-button-with-scroller for my iMac. Take that, unibutton lovers everywhere! Take that, I say!)

towwas said...

It's so nice that they send rejection letters. I've applied for tons of journalism jobs without getting so much as an acknowledgment that I applied. I even had a phone interview with a public radio station in North Carolina and never heard a peep back. (It was three years ago...I don't think I got the job. But hey, I've got a nice healthy grudge instead!)

J.Bro said...

towwas - I like imagining that the radio station is still deciding, three years later. I hope you get a call out of the blue in 2009 about it!

towwas said...

Yeah, I kind of like imagining that, too. :) I did get a call from a public radio station in another state that wanted me to apply for a job earlier this year...I like to imagine the two are somehow related.