Almost to a fault, I do my homework for my interviews. I say it's to a fault because, so far, I've inevitably been getting my hopes way up. I'm leaving Sunday morning to interview at a place where I could buy the house below, which is about two blocks from campus, for under $110,000. M.Bro said she almost stared crying (with happiness, I assume) when I showed her the pictures. From the listing:

Cozy home with lots of charm and many updates. Hardwood floors, open stairway, three sets of french doors, fireplace, beautiful woodwork, newer appliances. There is a three season room and a nice deck overlooking a large landscaped yard. Newer furnace and roof; plus great finished space in clean dry recreational room.

The furniture in the bottom picture would get burned in the fireplace before we unpacked the first box, but check out the brick fireplace! And French doors to the screened-in porch! Which I'll call the sun-room! And other French doors to the back yard! Which I'll probably just call the back yard! To distinguish it from the front yard! Two yards!

I would show you the site with the rest, but I don't want you to swoop in and buy it from under me. You housing-market vultures.


K.Bro said...

ok, but in what state is that in? i need to know how far i have to travel to see my neice!

towwas said...

Oh, wow! Sigh. Low real estate prices.

I Blog, You Blog said...

Ooooh! The French Door Palace! (I think it's important to nickname all prospective housing options...makes it more fun "Hey...remember the House Of Odd Angles? Yeah...that one was a doozie...")

Break a brain cell (or a vocal chord?*) at the interview!!

*[insert appropriate truism here]

KBro said...


Burrito Eater said...

Hell yeah...I hope it all goes well!!!