Happy "X"mas, Santa!

Happy whatever holiday you and your pagan, hippie friends celebrate! Whatever it is, I hope you celebration includes woodland critters (a holiday tradition in my household)!

As of today, our decorations include a gingerbread house that Melanie made at school (instead of learning something useful for her future career, like sine waves, how a bill becomes a law, or All Quiet on the Western Front). But even though it comes at a high, high academic cost, it's an adorable little cottage. An adorable, delicious little cottage.

We'll be in Nebraska for a little over a week, so while there may be Neblogsking, you should plan to be pleasantly surprised if there's an update rather than up in arms if there isn't.

Update: Whoah, dudes - Missy doesn't cook very much, but she just busted out a salad that involved candying walnuts. Happy holidays, indeed!

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miss shirley said...

Oh wow! We had two gingerbread houses this year, one at home and one at preschool, and while super yummy neither were near as cute. I especially like the walkway. Nice.