Here she is now, entertain her

Melanie, who was four years old when Kurt Cobain killed himself, is in her room with my copy of Nevermind, grunging along to Smells Like Teen Spirit. How terrible is new teenager music going to be when my daughter is 15? Terrible terrible.

Update: Aaand, that experiment's over. I think I just heard the song that's playing now say something like, "Watch me crank it in these hos", which is definitely not Nirvana. Melanie has no musical stamina. When I had Nevermind on cassette, I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say I listed to it a dozen times in a row. Melanie fast forwards through the intro music of songs to get to the chorus, then reverses to listen to the chorus again. She would be ecstatic with a compilation CD of five hundred 15-second snippets. Maybe "NOW: That's What I Call The Attention Span of a Third-grader!"


towwas said...

Just the choruses? What? I mean...pop songs already don't demand much in the way of attention span.

Sadie said...

Hey Jason! The problem with being in Thailand is I never hear any of the good and important news - like the one about you being a father soon! Congratulations!! I am ecstatic to know that there will be good people out there raising a baby...I'm so excited for you and Missy!! Good luck :)