Exciting times

I have a healthy respect for The Jinx, so I'm not writing much, other than to say the last few days (and the next couple weeks) are exciting times. Maybe none of it will turn out to be anything, but there's lots of potential for future (very) happiness in the air right now. These are all different places, any of which my little family and I would be exceptionally content at.

My alma mater's no ugly duckling, mind you. Like all campuses that had an influx of students from the GT Bill, it's marred by a few Soviet-looking dorms, but it was voted the most beautiful campus in the midwest many times.

This is the dorm my grandfather lived in when he was a student there - 50 years later, it was where I lived my freshman and sophomore years. That's right - I'm a legacy.

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towwas said...

Fingers crossed!