Big day, smelly bathroom

The first heater that gets turned on in our apartment every fall is the one in the bathroom. A combination of leaving the cozy bedcovers and being naked on a tiled floor makes it necessary to crank up the heat in the bathroom up before any other room. But along with waves of warm air, comes the stench months of dust being burned off the register. Sweet warm, stinky air.

I hate winter so much.


I Blog, You Blog said...

...and just think! Soon you'll have that "honey, we need to dump the diaper genie" smell mixed in for good measure! Whee! :)

grrrbear said...

I can relate. The first time I fire it up every year I get the same smell. It kind of reminds me of fall, but this past week when I turned it on over a particularly cold night the GF asked whether something was on fire.