This whole blog is a hoax!

Close your eyes and it disappears - therefore, hoax! Q!E!D!

Now that Al Gore has a Nobel Peace Prize, you'll certainly run into bolder and bolder conservative skeptics that, like rabid wolverines, are desperate to fight their way out of the corner. "But Bill O'Reilly posted a Michael Crichton article that says a scientist from the 1970s thought the world was getting cooler! So take that, IPCC! Or should I say International Panel on COLLECTING CASH!!"

How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic
is hours of entertainment, that may, depending on your social circle, provide hours more at your next fondue. I love that it's arranged in four different taxonomies for super-quick reference!

Or maybe I'm on the wrong side of this - Science and Nature, after all, are just censoring all the research that challenges the hippie agenda. When global warming is proven wrong (like that nonsense theory of gravity), you can all laugh at me as you float away.

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J.Po said...

You bet I'm the po-po! You better watch your moves, bro.