Sorry to disappoint you, anonymous internet searchers!

At TOWWAS' recommendation, I started using Google Analytics a few weeks ago - primarily for my academic, job-market website, but here as well. As entertaining (and sometimes disappointing) as it is to see what parts of the world people are visiting from, my favorite part of the Dashboard is looking at the search terms that bring people to this blog. "707" is far and away the top term, even though I have no idea what that means or why people are coming here to find out about it. It seems like a pretty straightforward number to me - it doesn't even have a wikipedia entry.

But the disappointment doesn't end there for the intarweb people who come to my blog searching for answers. I've also disappointed people wondering "how do i shrink polos", "what does 501XX mean", "what is difference us japanese LVC" and "how can you tell if jeans are sanforized".

Most troublingly, though, I'm worried about the person that found my blog after searching for "what if i like j crew". My advice is just to run with it, anonymous internet dude. If you like the New England Professor on a Saturday Morning look, I wouldn't turn it into a re-evaluation of your entire life. Just wear some argyle v-neck sweaters, suede-patched sportcoats, golden-honey-colored corduroys, and wingtips and let the judgmental fashionistas have their Dior Homme and their Raf Simmons and their Rick Owens. What I'm saying to you is as simple as this: if you like J.Crew, you should just wear it. I'm sorry if that's not the deep, intellectual advice you were hoping to find here, but you get what you pay for.


I Blog, You Blog said...

My top search is for a random post I wrote in June of '06 about Lavoisier.

Sadly, the reason it gets so many hits is because I misspelled Lavoisier.


towwas said...

Yeah, 707! Well, I don't have that one, but several of my top searches are for various three-digit numbers. What is that?? Do other people have that?