(not Sarah)

The top of my want-to-live-and-work-there list changes regularly, but I can't tell you how excited I am that Lawrence University in Appleton, WI is hiring - and not just hiring, but hiring someone who has pretty much exactly my qualifications and experience, according to the former MyDepartmentGraduate who is a professor there now.* The position, the college, the area, the area around the area, the cost of living - it's where I want to spend a long, long time. Walking to campus. From a house from 1910 that we buy for $95,000. After walking with Bean to his or her little school.

I don't want to jinx my chances by being so public about wanting the job, so I'm tempted just to delete this paragraph without posting it.

*The parents-in-law of one of my non-department friends are also professors there, and good friends with the head of the department I'm applying to. I don't know them, but their daughter-in-law is ecstatic about the idea of me working at Lawrence.


Sophist said...

I am hoping, hoping, hoping for you!!! That sounds like heaven to me.

Good luck!!

J.Po said...

A few good friends of mine went there as students and enjoyed it. I, in fact, applied there - but decided on OAM instead. But it's another wonderful little school!