Living the dream - my dream

John Mearsheimer is going to be on The Colbert Report in a few minutes (or tomorrow evening on the rerun). I suppose I'd have to co-author a mainstream, accessible book on a controversial topic to live my dream.

I'll see if I can find a Youtube link in a little bit.

10:52 - JM's being very careful with his words
10:53 - He's making a relatively uncontroversial argument, but you have to listen to the words and not between the lines.
10:54 - [Outside info - the Israel Lobby has a very, very large conservative Christian component]
10:55 - Excellent question - how *should* we treat Israel?
10:56 - I'll try to do better when I'm on in five years. Keep support Colbert's advertisers so I have a chance.

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Spice said...

He's speaking here in the spring - squeee!!!

Actually, as someone who doesn't do what you do, I'm not excited about that at all except that I can ask what it's like to be on Colbert.