Could this post be titled anything but "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag"?

To congratulate me on getting to this next stage of the job market process (and, let's be honest, to help me get through it without looking like a hipster grad student), Missy gave me this very Ivy League-looking leather bag. I feel like such a grown-up when I take it to school - hopefully that means I'll look like a grown up when I take it to interviews, and knock on wood, to teach classes next fall. My bassboat-red Schwinn bag (by Chrome) isn't getting retired anytime soon - it's like the old Toyota pick-up that I take to cut wood for the furnace at the cabin. I guess that makes the new bag the practical mid-size sedan.

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Sophist said...

Is this new blog look meant to be Grownup J. Bro as well? Very spiffy bag, with your J. Crew outfit you definitely look the part. How about some horn-rimmed glasses now?