Efficiency Indeed*

Is there anything better than writing at your kitchen table with a bottle of light beer until The Daily Show comes on? I think maybe there's not. When, still knocking on wood, I have an office that's not in a room full of TAs at cubicles, I may still do a lot of writing at my kitchen table. I'll teach Bean all about first-order autoregression and pooling-equilibrium signaling games. "Do you see that payoff, honey? That's not on the Pareto frontier! Noooo, it's noooo-ooooot!"

Is there anything I wanted to write about?**

*A reference to my dissertation title, which exists to please no one but me.
**How goddamn cool is the new iPod Touch? It's killing me dead, that's how cool.

Could this post be titled anything but "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag"?

To congratulate me on getting to this next stage of the job market process (and, let's be honest, to help me get through it without looking like a hipster grad student), Missy gave me this very Ivy League-looking leather bag. I feel like such a grown-up when I take it to school - hopefully that means I'll look like a grown up when I take it to interviews, and knock on wood, to teach classes next fall. My bassboat-red Schwinn bag (by Chrome) isn't getting retired anytime soon - it's like the old Toyota pick-up that I take to cut wood for the furnace at the cabin. I guess that makes the new bag the practical mid-size sedan.


It's been a ridiculously long day (that included my first phone interview) already and I still have to teach some graduate students how to draw strategic- and extended-form games in LaTeX, but all in all, everything's coming up Milhouse. It's too much to explain in one blog post, but "everything" encompasses real big stuff (the interview going well, and later, finding some excellent data) and real small stuff (having just enough left on my printing account to run off a copy of the article I need for tonight).

2 fast, 2 furious

The next stage of the job market process is coming hot and heavy all of a sudden! Two interviews now - one campus visit and one phone interview.

Edit: Two interviews and a daughter. A tizzy, indeed.

Break me off a piece of that APP-LE-SAUCE!

So here I am, all in a tizzy about getting an interview (oh yeah, I got an interview), and my friends 30 Rock and The Office bring me back down for a while. Then it's back to strategizing a research presentation.

Sorry to disappoint you, anonymous internet searchers!

At TOWWAS' recommendation, I started using Google Analytics a few weeks ago - primarily for my academic, job-market website, but here as well. As entertaining (and sometimes disappointing) as it is to see what parts of the world people are visiting from, my favorite part of the Dashboard is looking at the search terms that bring people to this blog. "707" is far and away the top term, even though I have no idea what that means or why people are coming here to find out about it. It seems like a pretty straightforward number to me - it doesn't even have a wikipedia entry.

But the disappointment doesn't end there for the intarweb people who come to my blog searching for answers. I've also disappointed people wondering "how do i shrink polos", "what does 501XX mean", "what is difference us japanese LVC" and "how can you tell if jeans are sanforized".

Most troublingly, though, I'm worried about the person that found my blog after searching for "what if i like j crew". My advice is just to run with it, anonymous internet dude. If you like the New England Professor on a Saturday Morning look, I wouldn't turn it into a re-evaluation of your entire life. Just wear some argyle v-neck sweaters, suede-patched sportcoats, golden-honey-colored corduroys, and wingtips and let the judgmental fashionistas have their Dior Homme and their Raf Simmons and their Rick Owens. What I'm saying to you is as simple as this: if you like J.Crew, you should just wear it. I'm sorry if that's not the deep, intellectual advice you were hoping to find here, but you get what you pay for.

(not Sarah)

The top of my want-to-live-and-work-there list changes regularly, but I can't tell you how excited I am that Lawrence University in Appleton, WI is hiring - and not just hiring, but hiring someone who has pretty much exactly my qualifications and experience, according to the former MyDepartmentGraduate who is a professor there now.* The position, the college, the area, the area around the area, the cost of living - it's where I want to spend a long, long time. Walking to campus. From a house from 1910 that we buy for $95,000. After walking with Bean to his or her little school.

I don't want to jinx my chances by being so public about wanting the job, so I'm tempted just to delete this paragraph without posting it.

*The parents-in-law of one of my non-department friends are also professors there, and good friends with the head of the department I'm applying to. I don't know them, but their daughter-in-law is ecstatic about the idea of me working at Lawrence.

'stache panache

I just committed myself to a 30-Day Moustache Challenge(tm). Which I plan to win handily. Unless a school calls me for a job interview, that is. I'm not that committed to winning $50.+

[Blue Steel joke goes here]

From the dudes at Context:

Hey Jason,

We need you for the Context fashion show: Friday Oct 26th. I met with most of the models last night. I'm asking everyone to stop in to get fitted this week wed, thurs, friday, or sunday during store hours. I will be available all day Sunday if people need me to be. I'll be sending you an additional email shortly with more show info. You'll start to see ads in the Isthmus and Onion this week.

Dress rehearsal is Wed Oct 24th at 9pm. I really need everyone there, but if you absolutely can not make it we can arrange something.

Hope to hear from you soon,


You can't blog in here - this is the class-room!

Blogging in front of a group of students is my favorite - this time, they're gathered for an optional evening showing of the finest film ever made about International Relations - Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb. Waaaaaaaa-hooooooooo! WAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahoooooooooo.........

This whole blog is a hoax!

Close your eyes and it disappears - therefore, hoax! Q!E!D!

Now that Al Gore has a Nobel Peace Prize, you'll certainly run into bolder and bolder conservative skeptics that, like rabid wolverines, are desperate to fight their way out of the corner. "But Bill O'Reilly posted a Michael Crichton article that says a scientist from the 1970s thought the world was getting cooler! So take that, IPCC! Or should I say International Panel on COLLECTING CASH!!"

How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic
is hours of entertainment, that may, depending on your social circle, provide hours more at your next fondue. I love that it's arranged in four different taxonomies for super-quick reference!

Or maybe I'm on the wrong side of this - Science and Nature, after all, are just censoring all the research that challenges the hippie agenda. When global warming is proven wrong (like that nonsense theory of gravity), you can all laugh at me as you float away.


Two posts in one morning!

Nuh-uh - am not!

Whenever I make the long trip over to .Po's blog, I want to comment that I'm not On.Break.Bro anymore! Then I remember that I've posted twice this month, so basically, she's more right than me about me.

The job application process seems neverending, although it is tapering. I've sent about seventy packets total (in four waves) as of this morning, but new job postings keep showing up - I already have three more to send. The frustrating part of sending them out a handful at a time is that the time commitment to make three packets is not substantially shorter than the time commitment to put together twenty packets. It's a matter of hitting a different button the copier and waiting a few more minutes. Essentially, it's four hours to mail three packets versus five hours for two dozen.

At the behest of a couple schools (ones I'm very interested in) I've written two more syllabi (Int'l Political Economics and Global Environmental Politics) in the last week, which makes me think they're either interested or curious what hoops I'll jump through to get an interview. The answer is bring on the hoops. I'm ready to jump.

And if I wasn't ready to jump, M.Bro would be shoving me through hoops. She's ready to move on from her job - as difficult as it will be to leave Madison, she's always felt like this job is a temporary one. It's been a temporary one that opened a lot of doors for the type of career she wants to have, so she certainly appreciates it, but her stress and frustration are constant reminders that staying in this department and TAing for a year would be an unpopular option, family-wise.

Two weeks from yesterday until our 20-week ultrasound, which not only marks the half-way point but is our chance to find out whether Bean is a boy-bean or a girl-bean. We're keeping Bean's name secret (and even continuing to call Bean "Bean" after we find out), but we're sharing the sex. Neither one of us wants to redecorate in all pastel blues or pinks, but we've passed up good deals on clothes because of the color. Don't get me wrong, we're not so traditional that we think only girls belong in pink and only boys in blue, but conversations like this would get old fast:

Lady on the Street: "What an adorable little girl!"
Me: "Thanks, but he's a boy, and his name is Truckdriver McFlash"
Lady on the Street: "But, but..the pink onesie?"
Me: "Could we sit on the bench over there while I explain society's view of gender roles? I stood for the last three conversations like this, and my arches hurt"

[I suppose the alternative would just be to say "thanks" and move on - not that Bean knows one way or the other.]


Thanks, Espresso Royale Cafe soundtrack - now I'm going to be walking around all afternoon singing for Maggie to wake up 'cuz I think I got somethin' to say to [her]. It's embarrassing, frankly.

Living the dream - my dream

John Mearsheimer is going to be on The Colbert Report in a few minutes (or tomorrow evening on the rerun). I suppose I'd have to co-author a mainstream, accessible book on a controversial topic to live my dream.

I'll see if I can find a Youtube link in a little bit.

10:52 - JM's being very careful with his words
10:53 - He's making a relatively uncontroversial argument, but you have to listen to the words and not between the lines.
10:54 - [Outside info - the Israel Lobby has a very, very large conservative Christian component]
10:55 - Excellent question - how *should* we treat Israel?
10:56 - I'll try to do better when I'm on in five years. Keep support Colbert's advertisers so I have a chance.

My dissertation: Hey God, Why Is There War?

I will not be applying here, thank you very much:
The Mission of the Department of Government is to promote practical application of biblical principles and the original intent of the founding documents of the American republic, while preparing students for lives of public service and citizen leadership. Students will systematically study politics, government, and journalism as they learn to apply the Creator’s great gifts to humanity that aid us in the understanding and ordering of civilization: His special revelation (the revealed word of His Scripture) and His natural revelation (the light of right reason and the knowledge humans develop). Using these tools, graduates can bring unity, clarity, and purpose to the understanding and practice of government.