What ho, yonder this fortnight

First of all, I'm not back. My first wave of applications haven't even left (although that's going to happen tomorrow morning, which means if you have fingers, you should cross them*). But I do have big, big news, so I wanted to post a small update.

WE'RE HAVING A NEW CAR!!! I was pulling up to a red light in a left-turn lane two Tuesdays ago when I heard a squealing from my left. The squealing was a large white pick-up that was trying to make a hard right turn at about 40 mph. I floored it and pulled to the right as hard as I could, and in one of the only positives of the day, only the back end of the car was utterly destroyed. The other positive was that the other driver was cited for reckless driving, so there was no question of fault. Since my wheels were barely rolling, it probably wasn't much of a question.

Unfortunately, our car was new enough that even replacing most of the back end didn't total it. So we're trading in the hatchback's carcass and the check from the insurance company for a Hyundai Elantra. Just like this one -

But we won't have it until tomorrow, because if we're getting a new car, we're getting the color we want. Which is silver. Like this one.

So that's it - WE'RE HAVING A NEW CAR!!! It's also a four-door, which will be nice for the car-seat. Oh yeah, we're having a baby too. So that's also pretty new and exciting. Until Dr. S does her thing, the baby's name is Bean.

*I learned from a book that Bean can cross his or her fingers this week (and make faces).

**This guy looks a little like me, except he has a cooler bike and can ride it better than me.


towwas said...

Congratulations! Oh, on the baby, too. And nice work with the quick thinking there. I think I would've just been, like, oh crap, big car-smush. I also probably wouldn't have been in gear. Hm.

J.Po said...

PLEASE come back!!!! We miss you, oh clever one!