Gitmo, WI

It's time for another installment of "I Don't Understand Teenagers: It's Like There's Something Wrong With Their Brains". Mel acts like M.Bro and I not letting her stay out until 2:00 a.m. any night she wants to is a gross violation of her human rights, and that asking where she's going and with whom when she does go out is the kind of interrogation that the Geneva Convention prohibits. When we suggest that she study for the ACT so that she can score higher than the mid-teens this time, you'd think we're asking her to eat dinner from a dog bowl without using her hands.

And maybe the most frustrating part - college is just about the only time in your life when you get to act like you want without serious constraints, but she doesn't seem to be interested in it. Oh, sure, she says she's going to college. But maybe she knows something about the process that I don't know, because I don't think colleges choose her and then fill out applications to be her alma mater. "What kind of a place do you think you'd like to go to college? Big city? Small town? Midwest? East coast? West coast?" "STOP FLUSHING MY KORAN DOWN THE TOILET GAWD! WHERE IS MY ATTORNEY FOR THIS CROSS-EXAMINATION?!"


K.Bro said...

Tell her that I had an 11 pm curfew my senior year in high school. Maybe she'll see that you aren't as strict as you could be!
I understand the college thing. I wanted to go to cosmotology school, but Mom told me I had to go to a real college first so I had something to fall back on. I know now it was good advice, but I was mad then and was dragging my feet through the entire application process. Don't push her too hard, but be persistant. She may not like it now, but she'll understand eventually.
Hope everything is good. Give Bean some love for me and make sure you tell him/her how much his/her Aunt Kymm loves him/her already. Can you find out what he/she is already? These //// are kind of annoying!

towwas said...

Yep - parenting sounds like a lot of fun!