Dude - true story

i was riding with this guy the other day and we came to a red light and he totally blew through... i was like "dude! what's the deal?" and he was all like "man.. it's cool, me and my brother do it all the time". I was pretty freaked out. We kept riding and he kept blowing red lights and i was getting kinda freaked out. So we keep going, and i see a green light up ahead. I was pretty stoked that it was green, since this guy would have just gone through if it were a red- but coming up on the green he pulls a long skid and i'm like "buddy what's the deal?" and he goes " i had to stop... my brother might have been coming the other way".


Sophist said...

Noooo! where is this story from? I hope someone told it to you or you found out about it... it isn't a personal story, right?

Anonymous said...

i've seen this story around on forums... is this the original source?