Admiral shoes

Admiral's new high tops: great shoes, or the greatest shoes?

For the ladies

It's time for another installment of that classic daytime game-show - Who! Would! You! Daaaaaaaaaaaaate!


The New York Times cover photo is usually pretty great, but today's was spectacular.

I feel the need - the need for tweed

I don't know whether it's the quickly-expanding signs of my impending fatherhood or the sliver of hope that I'll fool some department into letting me dress like a professor there, but lately I've been wanting to dress more like a J.Crew catalog model and less like a grad student who wears a lot of sneakers and Goodwill shirts. Awesome Goodwill shirts because I know what I'm doing in a thrift store, but thrift-store shirts nonetheless.

Don't get me wrong, though - I'm still totally hipper than you. The asymmetric full-button cardigan that M.Bro gave me (from Context) for my 28th last week would make the J.Crew buyer wrinkle his snooty blue-blooded nose with derision. But I want to go to the mall right now and buy a pair of slim-fit washed chinos in tan, light tan, dark tan, dusty tan, navy, and olive, and just alternate those with jeans every other day. And doesn't every guy secretly want to wear a thin diagonally-striped ivy-league tie under a herringbone vest? And the fact that I would eat nothing but toast for two weeks to buy these shoes should tell you that I'm willing to sacrifice to look good - not that I want to be a Kennedy cousin.

If it's J.Crew today, what's next? Brooks Brothers? Paul Stuart? Good god, where does it end? If ever mention "bespoke trousers" to you, you hereby have my permission to immediately walk away.

Gitmo, WI

It's time for another installment of "I Don't Understand Teenagers: It's Like There's Something Wrong With Their Brains". Mel acts like M.Bro and I not letting her stay out until 2:00 a.m. any night she wants to is a gross violation of her human rights, and that asking where she's going and with whom when she does go out is the kind of interrogation that the Geneva Convention prohibits. When we suggest that she study for the ACT so that she can score higher than the mid-teens this time, you'd think we're asking her to eat dinner from a dog bowl without using her hands.

And maybe the most frustrating part - college is just about the only time in your life when you get to act like you want without serious constraints, but she doesn't seem to be interested in it. Oh, sure, she says she's going to college. But maybe she knows something about the process that I don't know, because I don't think colleges choose her and then fill out applications to be her alma mater. "What kind of a place do you think you'd like to go to college? Big city? Small town? Midwest? East coast? West coast?" "STOP FLUSHING MY KORAN DOWN THE TOILET GAWD! WHERE IS MY ATTORNEY FOR THIS CROSS-EXAMINATION?!"

Dude - true story

i was riding with this guy the other day and we came to a red light and he totally blew through... i was like "dude! what's the deal?" and he was all like "man.. it's cool, me and my brother do it all the time". I was pretty freaked out. We kept riding and he kept blowing red lights and i was getting kinda freaked out. So we keep going, and i see a green light up ahead. I was pretty stoked that it was green, since this guy would have just gone through if it were a red- but coming up on the green he pulls a long skid and i'm like "buddy what's the deal?" and he goes " i had to stop... my brother might have been coming the other way".


One of the not-going-to-be-replaced marines that Bush just said will be leaving Iraq later this month is M.Bro's younger brother. This is his third deployment there, and when he gets home this time, his time in Bush's military is up. So yes, conservatives, I support the troops - by not putting my and my wife's family in danger unnecessarily and for far too long.

Kiva Test

I'm not back from hiatus - this is just a test of a class project I'm working.


I'm still not back from hiatus - just wanted to warn you that if you're not reading BikeSnobNYC every day, I'm never coming back. Copenhagen Girls on Bikes is an appropriate complement, but should not be used as a substitute.


Is what Britney Spears would be talking about if

Wait, I can't work like this - why does the SAVE NOW bar get longer as I type? Wait, it stopped growing - maybe it reached maturity. I'm confused.

Anyway, MY TRIUMPHANT RETURN is what Britney Spears would be talking about if, uh, she had done the opposite of whatever she did at the Video Music Awards last night. As much as I'd like to believe she was stoned out of her gourd, my money's on either (1) nervous - apparently too nervous to even lip-sync correctly, or (2) a spoiled diva who refused to rehearse because [HER] TRIUMPHANT RETURN was preordained. It was a trainwreck, y'all. Such a trainwreck that I'm going to break my videoblogging hymen* and put a YouTube link here.

This blog argues that, NO, THE WHOLE SHOW IS OUT OF ORDER! ("Your honor!" "Chambers, Mr. Elliot!")
Also, why wasn’t Fergie there? You know your awards show is in trouble when a woman who will basically show up at an opening of a KFC to sing “Fergalicious” is too busy to swing by and pick up her Female Artist of the Year award. Maybe my friends and I should have taken a page from her book and blown it off as well.

*Unless I posted a video while riding a horse as a young blogger.

What ho, yonder this fortnight

First of all, I'm not back. My first wave of applications haven't even left (although that's going to happen tomorrow morning, which means if you have fingers, you should cross them*). But I do have big, big news, so I wanted to post a small update.

WE'RE HAVING A NEW CAR!!! I was pulling up to a red light in a left-turn lane two Tuesdays ago when I heard a squealing from my left. The squealing was a large white pick-up that was trying to make a hard right turn at about 40 mph. I floored it and pulled to the right as hard as I could, and in one of the only positives of the day, only the back end of the car was utterly destroyed. The other positive was that the other driver was cited for reckless driving, so there was no question of fault. Since my wheels were barely rolling, it probably wasn't much of a question.

Unfortunately, our car was new enough that even replacing most of the back end didn't total it. So we're trading in the hatchback's carcass and the check from the insurance company for a Hyundai Elantra. Just like this one -

But we won't have it until tomorrow, because if we're getting a new car, we're getting the color we want. Which is silver. Like this one.

So that's it - WE'RE HAVING A NEW CAR!!! It's also a four-door, which will be nice for the car-seat. Oh yeah, we're having a baby too. So that's also pretty new and exciting. Until Dr. S does her thing, the baby's name is Bean.

*I learned from a book that Bean can cross his or her fingers this week (and make faces).

**This guy looks a little like me, except he has a cooler bike and can ride it better than me.