Oh, See Dee!

I didn't really notice it until recently, but our little ward has quite a disorder - an even-number disorder. Digital dials must not be set on an odd - and if you're me and you do it just to be obnoxious, all conversation must give way to whining and needling until the knob gets turned up or down one number. But it's not just dials - a minute ago, I heard this (one-sided) phone conversation:

Ward: Mitchell! Why would you say that?!
Ward: You said, "I don't know - like nine hours"! Why wouldn't you say an even number?!? Why did you say nine?

I wear size 12 shoes, so I'm not worried I'll come home to them all in the garbage. Comedy Central is channel 53, but VH1 is 68 and Fox is 8, so I'll still have something to watch when she reprograms the TV. What else do I need to watch out for?


Spice said...

I have that same problem. Even numbers and fives are good. Non-five odds are bad. In my car, I move the thermostat between 72 and 74. Sometimes I think about 73, but I just can't do it.

What is the deal with that?!?!

towwas said...

Whoa. Spice, that is totally weird. If anything, I prefer the odds. Actually, my favorite numbers are 17 and 23, but those are no damn good for thermostats, and I don't think I'd really like them for dial settings either. I just think they're nice numbers.

K.Bro said...

Hey, Just wanted to tell you happy anniversary!

grrrbear said...

Actually TOWWAS 23 degrees celsius would be 73.4 degrees fahrenheit, which would probably be a little chilly for you, but still reasonable.

The whole odd/even number preference is weird for me. Does the ward freak out every other day due to the date being odd?