This tunnel

...has another end, because I can see light! Short lecture tomorrow morning, then each of the students has a 10-minute presentation on a story of their choice (pulled from the last three weeks of NYTs), then on Friday we have a postest and Hotel Rwanda. Closing ceremonies Friday afternoon, staff grillout, on more night in the faculty dorm and 9:00 a.m. Saturday flight. Then, on Sunday, a big Transformers-Order of the Phoenix double-header. Sunday will also probably involve some big, preachey "what I've learned from this experience" post (which, on the advice of my advisor, I'm going to try to turn into a quick article for the journal that runs articles of that sort - "What teaching thirteen year-olds taught me about teaching undergraduates" or something)

The new Spoon album ("Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga") is fantastic. I know you wanted to know.

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Spice said...

I did want to know! About Spoon, that is. I was just thinking about whether or not I should buy it today.

Also, welcome back - in advance!