"Is this even relevant?"

Whoah - a political scientist being interviewed by Jon Stewart? I have a new dream.

Update: Hee - the weakest round of applause Jon Stewart has ever heard.


Spice said...

Oh man, I missed it!

When I was at OAM Reunion, I fielded some interesting questions about my dissertation - questions that were so leading that I was finally like "Are you asking if I'm going to end up on 'The Colbert Report' or something?" Indeed, that is what they were asking. Hee!

Also, if by some weird miracle I ended up on TCR, I would totally, absolutely lose my mind. There's no way I could keep up with Colbert. I'd probably just sit there and giggle. Stewart would be fine, though - he seems pretty benevolent to his author/academic guests. Also, he went to W&M, so we could talk about that. Go Tribe!!!

Spice said...

Okay, H.Go and I saw the political scientist, and he was hilarious! We particularly enjoyed when Jon Stewart asked about secrecy as a threat to democracy and you could see him thinking "What did I say in the normative implications section of my dissertation...?" At one point he also looked like he desperately wanted a Powerpoint to look at. Or to be at the Midwest. Hee!

J.Po said...

I also just watched it, off the TiVo last night. He seemed so awkward, staring off to his right. Jiggity wondered if he was reading a teleprompter.