What's next?

Is it even worth watching the rest of the Tour? It would be such an exciting tour - Saturday's TT could decide the whole thing - but I feel so jaded about the whole deal now. David Millar's with a group that has 7:00 on the peloton today - although he's had doping transgressions in the past, now he's a banner-waver for riding clean and I'd really like to see him win the stage. He won't, though - Jens Voight's in the group too.

3:03 PM Menchov
has pulled out of the Tour. He has climbed off of his bike in the feed zone. We don't see a physical reason... but an emotional reason? For sure. Do recall that Menchov won the Vuelta a Espana in 2005... but he was denied the chance to celebrate that victory, because Roberto Heras got to spend the day on the podium in Madrid. Folks thought that Heras had won... until the guy tripped the dopo-meter.
Menchov, who began the Tour, as Rabobank's team leader, deferred to Michael Rasmussen and then worked his arse off to help the skinny little cheat hold the lead. You have to feel for Menchov... sigh.

"Is this even relevant?"

Whoah - a political scientist being interviewed by Jon Stewart? I have a new dream.

Update: Hee - the weakest round of applause Jon Stewart has ever heard.

IQ Test

Oh, Vino - I cheered so loud for you just last night, and you were hopped up on blood, like some sort of blood-weasel?


I'm thinking about selling a pair of two of my high-tops and buyinganother pair of low-profile sneakers. If you were my feet, which would you like to live in the most?

1) Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81s
2) Saucony Bullets
3) Vans Authentics


J.Bro's beer count - 4.4

J.Bro's household voting for Joe Biden count - 2

J.Bro's household voting for Joe Biden count if Al Gore runs - 0

Fetch my protective goggles!

JC Watts just said that we need to address the environment, "with real science, not political science." Jackass. Are you going to watch the Youtube debate Monday night?

I want Al Gore to run - apparently he's polling higher in some states than everyone but Clinton & Obama combined, and higher than Edwards in some places. I met Al Gore twice during the 2000 Iowa primary and he remembered me the second time but that's not why I want him to run. Well, it isn't the whole reason.

The Dating Game

I have a gun to your head and you have to make out with one of these three people. (Nerdy girl pictures are hard to find so maybe you will have to ask your wife or girlfriend to pick if you don't swing that way.)





Just when I thought I'd read every word on the internet and was reaching the (twist) ending, up pops this blog and waylays a morning's worth of work on my dissertation.

From the "Worst of Craigslist" series of posts -
It is readily apparent that, now more than ever, people are accessorizing with their bicycles. You can only put so many tattoos and trendy articles of clothing on yourself, so naturally you've got to turn to your bike when you run out of room. Colored Deep-Vs, top-tube pads, stickers, and shiny new paint jobs are just some of the ways that people use their bicycles to play dress-up. The transportation part, while convenient, seems be pretty far down the list of reasons for owning a bicycle.

But what's the point of all this then if it isn't cycling? Well, it's to meet boys and girls of course! In our nation's trendier neighborhoods, bicycles are like dogs: their owners dress them up, they parade them up and down the street, and they use them as an excuse to talk to people. Oh, and like dog owners, they don't ride them. There's no better place online to see this in action than the Craigslist "Missed Connections" section. Here are a few recent examples:

2008 Carbon Zaskar Team

This bike makes me want to get fast enough to deserve it - to train 400 miles a week and eat nothing but lean protein. I just saw it in person, and it makes my palms sweaty.

That suits me just fine

I'm going to Chicago the weekend after next for Mission: Academic Job Search Suit Search. Suits are so boring - I don't even own one because I've been get away with a jacket and khakis for all my formal events so far. Really, it's a choice between navy or charcoal fabric. As far as details, you're a fashion disaster if you're wearing anything other than a three-button, single-breasted jacket with flat-front pants. That's it. Brown or green suits? What am I - 80 years old? Black? Is this a job interview or a funeral? Light grey? Pinstripes? I'm not on a fashion show runway. So navy and charcoal are my only two choices and M.Bro's just going to have to get on board with that.

I also need to pick up some crisp white and light blue dress shirts. And probably a dressier watch. I don't think my digital Casio from the 80's is going to cut it at most departments.

Getting a job is an expensive process.

An airplane is taking me home soon

Maia is taking me to LAX in about an hour, then a nice pilot is going to fly me home. I'm sleeping the whole way.

You're not the guy

There's one guy that can pull off a full-brimmed hat, and you're not him. Want to know a secret? Nobody is. There is no guy who can pull off a full-brimmed hat. I know you think you're the guy - the mythical one - but you're not the guy. Again, because no one is. And not just because Vice says so - because I say so too.

This tunnel

...has another end, because I can see light! Short lecture tomorrow morning, then each of the students has a 10-minute presentation on a story of their choice (pulled from the last three weeks of NYTs), then on Friday we have a postest and Hotel Rwanda. Closing ceremonies Friday afternoon, staff grillout, on more night in the faculty dorm and 9:00 a.m. Saturday flight. Then, on Sunday, a big Transformers-Order of the Phoenix double-header. Sunday will also probably involve some big, preachey "what I've learned from this experience" post (which, on the advice of my advisor, I'm going to try to turn into a quick article for the journal that runs articles of that sort - "What teaching thirteen year-olds taught me about teaching undergraduates" or something)

The new Spoon album ("Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga") is fantastic. I know you wanted to know.

Far from penultimate

How have I gone so many years without playing ultimate frisbee? What a ridiculously fun game - ridiculously. I need people to play with when I get back home. At least seven other people have to commit to regular weekly games in the comments. (I don't think seven people total, let alone seven from where I live, read this).

The spectacular sliding catch that earned me this (as well as a point for team Social Sciences) (and a round of applause from both teams) was at least 85% worth it. I had to sleep uncovered and on my back last night because bumping or pulling the blanket across it was keeping me from falling asleep.

Sadly, 2 1/2 hours of ultimate frisbee was far and away the high point of my week in LA. I spent all of my free time today working on student evaluation letters (a time commitment that the students will never know about, let alone appreciate), and it's more of that, plus lecture, plus Sunday-evening study hall tomorrow. Blerg.


This class is so overwhelming - not just the preparation and teaching, but the behavior and the social issues that go along with being a supervisor in addition to a teacher. I feel like I'm being smothered by a blanket of exhaustion.

Democracy rox lol wtf

This morning's assignment, after learning about the legal regulations on the use of force (found in Chapter VII of the UN Charter, as I'm sure you know), was for each student to e-mail their analysis of the March 2003 use of force to president@whitehouse.gov (with me cc'd). They seemed excited and nervous about the idea of e-mailing the president, so I didn't have the heart to break it to them that if anyone reads their letters at all, it'll be some bored summer intern. I did promise 1,000 extra credit bonus points to anyone that gets something other than canned, computer-generated response, so I'll keep you posted.