Summer o' Plimsolls

Summertime is the right time to throw all your casual white socks away - you can replace them when you need them again in the Fall, because for right now you need to be rockin' your kicks barefoot.* John Lennon circa Abbey Road and I circa right now would like you to think about having a pair of white plimsolls shipped from across the pond. They'd be more affordable is our country's currency wasn't such a shameful shell of itself, but 16 pounds sterling (including 3-5 day shipping) shouldn't break anyone's back. Plus, they're Superfuture-approved, so you can walk tall, knowing a bunch of people on an internet fashion forum like your shoes.** Double-plus - you can call this impossible if you want, but they're even more minimalist*** than chucks.

*Unless you are a different gender than me, I cannot give my stamp of approval for sandals. And I actively discourate you from wearing flip-flops, whatever your special area happens to consist of.
**A guy named Brent, however, may ask whether you mugged a nurse to get them. Brent is not Superfuture-approved.


K.Bro said...

Good luck keeping them that white!

towwas said...

You're so wrong about flip-flops. As long as they are havaianas, they are completely acceptable.

J.Bro said...

I have *no* desire to keep them this white - they look 183x better scuffed and dirty. Arch support be damned, I've been wearing them when I walk everywhere and letting the summer dust and grime make them beautiful.

Sophist said...

agree with TOWWAS - sandals can be pretty cute lookin'... if the right guy's wearing 'em.

you could do like in middle school and write stuff and draw hearts/checkerboards all over them with a ball-point pen.

are they comfie?

Burrito Eater said...

There is no way Brent said that...can he really be that hilarious? :) I kid 'cause I care, gotta love Brent. I like the theory of your new shoes...I just wished they looked better!

I Blog, You Blog said...

J.Bro, yer feet are huuuuuge!

Or maybe it's the whiteness of the shoes.

Or the camera angle.

Or something.

Oh, but the shoes are awesome. They look great with the skinny denim too. Go you fashionister, go! :)

J.Bro said...

I can squeeze into a 12, which is the biggest size they make. I look like I'm wearing skis when I wear slim jeans with slim sneakers - these jeans with chucks make a 90-degree angle. Melanie likes the opposite aesthetic - chunky shoes with bootcut jeans. I think that makes my legs look like the roots of a tree. It's the classic math-nerd vs. outdoorsman debate, in shoes & jeans form.