Learning to Teach

It was Day 1 of faculty training, so lots of meetings today, lots of handouts, lots of exuberant enthusiasm for the CTY program. There are only a handful of new teachers - apparently most of them come back year after year (after year) and it's rare that an instructor position opens up. There's a fresh crop of new TAs almost every year, though, so I'm not the only one that hasn't been initiated into the community. My TA is a first-year grad student in my field at a pretty major California school, plus he has the same outlook on the field as me, so I think I lucked out in that regard.

Toiletry issues aside, I'm also pretty pleased with the housing situation. See that bluff? There's a multiple-mile running trail about halfway up(at least three - which is where I stopped today). See that building at the outcropping? That's Chez J.Bro for the next three weeks.

And this is the view from my classroom - some sort of mutant tree, the campus chapel, and the field on which Monday's croquet showdown will be waged.


K.Bro said...

It's beautiful! I'm jealous

towwas said...

Wow, that's lovely! I didn't know this was CTY you were going out there for - I did two summers of CTY in high school. It was awesome. I took German 1 & 2, World Geopolitics, and Music History.

J.Po said...

It's so purdy!