J.Bro's California Adventure

What kind of private university doesn't supply toilet paper in the bathrooms of their faculty apartments? After checking in, my first order of business was walking down the highway to find a grocery store, a department store, a Walgreen's - any store that might carry toilet paper. I found a Home Depot around a mile north (where the day laborers in the parking lot didn't ask whether I needed a deck built), but they only had industrial-strength paper towels. My northerly path stymied by a no-pedestrian-access bridge, I went past LMU the other direction, and finally found a $7.49 four-pack at the expensive California version of Whole Foods.

On the plus side, I can see the ocean from my apartment, so there's that. An ocean-view cancels out a lot.

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Spice said...

Ha - welcome to California! As a Midwesterner, you'll probably find it kind of disturbing how not-well stuff runs out there. And how expensive everything is.