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I have no funny or insightful comments, but here's a link to another story about high-end denim - this time, the New York Times on Japanese Levi's repros and fallout from January's lawsuit.
“We were sued,” said Kiya Babzani, the proprietor of Self Edge, a Mission District boutique that is truly missionary in its pursuit of denim enlightenment. What you will not find there are Levi’s own reissues of its old designs, sold under the premium Levi’s Vintage label. “Theirs is not nearly as close a reproduction of what a 501 was like in 1947 as Sugar Cane’s version is,” Mr. Babzani said. Only Sugar Cane’s $450 copies of the 1955 Levi’s use original Scovill zippers bought from dealers in vintage stock

In other denim news, I'm involved in a project on Superfuture that I'm pretty excited about - a guy with connections in Japan and experience in the industry is going to make a limited run of jeans with details chosen by members. Within the next couple weeks, there'll be a Superfuture-chosen pattern (probably close to the Dior 21cm cut), denim, stitching, rivets, details, etc. And since we're doing it as a cooperative, we'll pay no more than they actually cost - probably $90-120. Between those and the Context-designed Sling & Stones pair that Ryan and Sam say will be out around x-mas, I'm set for 2008.

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