The crushing lows, the not-so-dizzing highs

Some of you(Spice, for sure)know about the post-lecture emotional roller-coaster - an immediate quick high, followed by a pretty severe and exhausting drop (which hopefully disappears before you have to step up to the lectern again).

It turns out that teaching exuberant young children, especially smart ones that are in constant competition, is just exhausting the whole time. I'm only one day down on this California Adventure ride, and I'm beat. I'm toast. I'm flattened. I'm glad my lecture is ready to go for tomorrow already because I'm barely going to make it to the end of this senten

That's a cheap writing gag and it's below you - sorry.

I did bring the little geniuses down a peg during study hall tonight. They were supposed to read about 30 pages (and reading, I told them, means taking notes on what you're reading, not just speeding through it), then write a short response paper (to a specific question I had given them, not like they're in grad school). My TA reported that not one of them had enough time to get to the reaction paper, so maybe they'll be less out to prove themselves tomorrow. Or more. What do I know.


towwas said...

Yeah, looking back, I have no idea how my teachers and TAs made it through five hours of lecture a day. Well, I have some idea - there was a lot of quiet listening to music in my music history class, a lot of dialogue practice in German, and we watched Dr. Strangelove in world geopolitics. But man, that is a long time to have your brain turned on every day.

Spice said...

I have no idea how K-12 teachers do it. I'm teaching six hours _a week_ next fall, and that seems like a lot! When I explained my teaching schedule to my mom, though, she was like "That's it?!?!? What do you do the rest of the time?" Uh, panic about tenure, I think.

Sophist said...

6 hrs a week is nuts, Spice. I can't imagine. The thing is, sitting around waiting for kids to finish problems and stuff is OK, but 6 hours of straight up lecture? That's INTENSE. I'm averaging about 12 hours prep for 1 hour lecture right now, and I hear that that's pretty normal for college/grad level lecture courses.

Spice said...

Yeah, prepping takings forever! Fortunately, my schedule in the fall involves teaching a course I've already taught and teaching two sections of the same thing. So those six hours are really three hours done twice. And the hour is really 50 minutes. So I only need 150 minutes per week of original material. And the classes are small enough (40) that I can do discussion and other stuff, unlike the last time I did this class.

My job is sounding really cushy! dra-sh has it even better - one graduate seminar her first semester.

Spice said...

In a demonstration of why prepping is a good thing, that should say prepping _takes_ forever.