Your guide to vintage Lee jeans

Along with Levi's and Wrangler, Lee is part of the triumvirate of classic American denim. And of the three, it straddles the middle between still-sorta-respected and sad-former-shadow-of-its-roots. Context sells their high-end line, which is much more popular and far more widely-available in Europe. The rigid 101Zs Sam showed me last time I was in the store were pretty fantastic - both the new pair and the worn pair hanging on their wall.

Check out this scan from a Japanese fashion magazine, and lots of bonus blog-points to someone that could give me a rough translation of the column headers!

(click for massive)

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Anonymous said...

It says right at the top of each column what it is - as if you couldn't guess:
Leather Label, Back Pocket, Woven Label, Tab, Stretch,
button, etc.