Man-Bike Love

Can a human being be in love with a bicycle? Yes, he can - if he is me and the bicycle is this bicycle. That's more titanium that the space shuttle uses.*

Happy Bike-to-Work Day! I hope you did, or if it's not too late, I hope you do. National Don't-Buy-Gas-Today efforts are nice in principle, but don't hold up to any practical or economic scrutiny - reducing our reliance on nonrenewable energy, on the other hand, is an effective, permanent solution.**

*Not actually fact-checked. May be a bald-faced lie.
**Not that the uber-conservative Bush-monkey who sits next to me at SummerJob thinks there's any environmental problems we should concern ourselves with.


towwas said...

Ooh, that bike is pretty.

I took the bus & the metro to work today - does that count? No? Too bad, pinko biker boy.

K.Bro said...

Sorry, no biking to work for this girl. If I did, it would mean riding my bike at 11pm in the dark in Omaha. I like my life too much to do that.

J.Po said...

I totally biked to work yesterday (and everyday, in fact - though I don't get a free water bottle everyday).

Sophist said...

that is purdy purdy purdy. i've never ridden a fixie before, and now i want to but only if its that one

titanium is so lovely, i test rode a merlin once and practically gave away my dowry for it