Levi's Vintage Collection

I convinced GrrrBear to buy a limited-edition pair of Nikes, and my next goal is to convince someone out there to buy a pair of high-end denim. You should always try to support my doods at Context, but the Denim Bar in Arlington (which I thought TOWWAS wrote about, but which I cannot find on her blog) is having such a ridiculous clearance on Levi's that you can't say no. (Unless you have two pair of dry jeans you're already breaking in).

But wait, there's more! If you use coupon code "style4um" you get another 20% off the clearance prices, AND if you buy the pair that's $134 ($107 after the discount), you get to take advantage of the $100+ free-shipping promotion. That's a hair over $100 for selvage, big E (the red tab reads LEVIS instead of LeVIS, just like they did from the 1800s through the 1950s) Levi's in a very inoffensive wash.


towwas said...

Naw, I just e-mailed you about it. Unfortunately, I do not have a need for men's jeans, so I can't help you out here. I'll consider the high-end denim thing, but...I dunno. My low-end Ann Taylor Loft denim suits me pretty well.

grrrbear said...

What, my taper-leg stonewashed Guess? jeans from the mid-90's aren't "high-end" enough for you?