It's what Kirby Puckett would have wanted

I was cleaning out the garage yesterday and, among other things, found a souvenir Twins baseball with a 1990 copyright. Just a few hours earlier, Mel had been telling me how ridiculous I was to have two baseball mitts in the closet but no ball, so I decided the discovery was fate and we played catch with it.

So Mel say thanks, Dad, for taking me to watch Kirby Puckett play in a game that happened almost before she was born.


Spice said...

Aw, Gene Larkin!

I have a baseball used in the 1991 World Series that sits in a little plastic cube at my mom's house. It has a little bit of 'dirt' (they use faux-dirt made of rubber at the Dome) on it. No faux-signatures, though.

K.Bro said...

This is off the subject, but I thought I should let you know that the wonderful trolley that you put into place, has been out of work for almost two years now. No one used it, so they stopped the service. Also, Julie and Brandon live about a block from the bar, so I wouldn't have needed it anyway. Although they have started a cab service on Thursday nights during the school year, so all those silly drunk freshman have a way to get back to the dorms.
Oh, and I do have more than one mom in my life. They may not be my mom, but they do have kids and they deserve recognition too. :P

J.Bro said...

You''ve killed my trolley?!? Let's blame the lack of use on the students and not on the idea, which we all agree was top-notch. Students still walked to the parking lot to drive their cars the six blocks downtown, didn't they?

K.Bro said...

I'm sure they did. Silly people. Don't they know how much effort you put into that? Gosh!

Spice said...

Well, your trolley may be gone, but you've still got comments like this one from to bask in:

"He's a funny guy and is very's almost distracting."

Stop preventing your students from learning, J.Bro! You and Tim "Def Hot" H. both!

Burrito Eater said...

Kirrrrbbbeeeeeeee Puckett!