Im in yr dorisflexors, causin yr medial tibial stress syndrome

This article is going to revolutionize my running. I've had serious shin splints ever since high school track, and my solution has always, always been treatment of the symptoms (rest, ice, compression, elevation) rather than dealing with the root causes. Because I didn't realize there were root causes, let along root causes that could be addressed. I thought shin splints were just a reality of running, so I lived and dealt with them like I would any other part of running - blue urine, receding hairline, human rights violations, fear of the number eight, etc.

I'm simultaneously disappointed and relieved, but my marathon plans for later this month have been revised to half-marathon plans. Dissertation work and recurring shin splints have kept me from doing some key training runs, and while I could probably slog through 26.2 miles, it would kill me. Instead, I'm going to run a nice 13.1 mile race, enjoy myself, and be able to get out of bed on my own the next morning. Marathon - you and I shall meet again next Spring.


Sophist said...

sorry to hear that the marathon is not going to happen this summer... I've also been not running much, despite my own impending half-marathon, and I'm getting really worried that I won't be able to finish the distance! Life just gets in the way of training, and it stinks.

I hope your shin splints get better! And while you're addressing the shin splints, maybe you can also address human rights violations.

Burrito Eater said...

Running is for the marathon!

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