Half an accomplishment

Pictures are on the way, but I finished the Madison Half-marathon in a few seconds over 1:40 this morning - that's a 7:40 pace for 13.1 miles and about five minutes faster than my goal. I really like the half-marathon distance - long enough to feel like an accomplishment, but not so long that I'm wiped out for a week. The rest of my summer, to the extent I train much at all, is going to be getting ready for some Fall 5Ks. It's a good distance for me and I don't have to take much time away from dissertating to train.

Update: Results are up. My official time was 1:40:42, which put me in 258th overall (out of 2153) and 43rd for men 25-29 (out of 209).


Burrito Eater said...

Nice! That is an awesome time! You rock, congrats!

Sophist said...

That is an amazing time. Congratulations!!!!! Any other races coming up this summer? how's the dissertatin'?