The Conservative Mind

Spice and I know all about the maternal-paternal divide between liberals and conservatives thanks to 816, but it was interesting to see reactions to the Republican debate (which I avoided) on DailyKos reflect a lot of the same ideas -

    • The fear and/or contempt for reality was absolutely palpable, in both the panel and audience. That's what these people are at bottom. Deep and profound unresolved neuroses manifesting themselves as magical thinking and overcompensating machismo, with a decidedly sadistic, zenophobic and violent bent: you look funny, we kill you. Hee hee. Some serious childhood and parent issues here.

    • They start off life with a personality type that is attracted to authority figures (looks only, actual achievement or ability is immaterial), an intolerance for ambiguity (again, they aren't interested in actually getting to the bottom and finding the truth of something, mythos will do fine) and a strong attachment to tribal instincts rooted in the paleolithic then go straight downhill into morbid fear of things they can't control.

    • Remember when you were about three, and you thought Daddy and Mommy knew the answer to everything? Then you grew up and realized they were really just doing the best they could. The Republican base is still stuck at three years old. Watch Elizabeth Hasselbeck on "The View." It really is true.

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