Bleu Genes

Blue in Green's in-store customer service may be lacking, but those dudes sure know how to make dudes want to buy stuff from their website.
As you may of already noticed from the sound that immediately started as the clip was uploaded (sorry I couldn't figure out how to keep it from starting automatically) this is video footage of an old Toyoda wooden shuttle loom that I shot on my recent visit to Japan. This was one of the highlights of my trip and I wanted to share it with everyone who has never seen one of these in action. It's a short clip that starts with a view from the front of the machine which is where the material finishes it weaving process and is rolled onto spools at the bottom front. The next view is from the rear where the indigo warp threads are fed through to the front from a large spool. The next view is of the carriage that slings the wooden shuttle carrying the Ecru weft yarns back and forth over and under the indigo threads creating the clean finish on both sides of the material otherwise known as selvage. The slow motion footage shows the wooden shuttle inside the carriage resting for a moment before being thrown to the other side and then returning for another completion of the weaving cycle. As the warp yarns are passed through the indigo threads a large wooden bar compresses them to create a tight weave between the two. The final shot brings us back to the front of the machine where we see all parts in motion. Please enjoy this small sample. click the "Refresh" tab on your web browser for video replay.

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