VT shooting

Are you watching this? 2 hours between the first shooting and when classes were cancelled - WTF?!? I've also heard reports of dozens of injuries from students jumping out of dorm rooms windows to get away from the gunman.

Update: And now conflicting reports on whether the two shootings were by the same person, related, or a complete coincidence.

Update: An instant-message conversation posted on Somethingawful, between a poster and his brother, who was apparently in one of the classrooms -

ME (1:08:03 PM): so he came into your class?
Bro(1:08:08 PM): yeah
Bro(1:08:17 PM): i didnt think there was any way id live
Bro(1:08:52 PM): he finally left and me and the one other guy that wasnt shot ran to the door and held it shut
Bro(1:09:04 PM): and he tried to come back in and was shooting through the door
me(1:09:27 PM): holy shit
me(1:09:48 PM): what kind of gun was it
Bro(1:09:55 PM): pistol
Me(1:09:52 PM): and did he line people up
Bro(1:10:08 PM): no just shooting at people on the ground

Update: I'd just like to say that reading this thread is far more informative than watching/reading official news sites. Large-n online forums are the future of internet news - the original post happened before any news channel picked up the story, there's direct and immediate input from people that were there, etc. Information-aggregation from a wide variety of sources beats all.

Update: And now (well, a second ago), someone on Somethingawful is text-messaging with a reporter-friend at the press conference, and questions are being relayed from the internet to the police captain. It looks like he/she didn't get any in before the TV cameras cut off though.

Update: "holy shit its so weird talking to my friend who goes there. thank god shes ok. she had to jump out of the second story window of the building. her professor was killed. shes banged up, but 'ok'. cant believe what she must be feeling." And the woman with the shaved head that CNN has been re-airing the interview with was in the same classroom as the brother above.

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MisterVertigo said...

I read a bit of that very same forum thread last night. I agree that it's much easier to find out what's going on from the people living thru it that from the media.

BTW, my theory is that the two shootings are separate and unrelated events, although it makes for a really crazy coincidence.